Pittaway Branch

I don't know much about the Jones Branch of my family, Jones was the second husband of my grandmother,
Herculina Johanna Coetzer. I believe, for reason of social well-being (sic), the surname of Herculina's younger children was changed from Pittaway to Jones on the
27-5-1942. Jones later left Herculina and the children.
Herculina's son, Arthur Henry Jones (my father) grew up on a mining consession
which they apparently left after the separation with Jones.
My father was in boarding school at Prince Edwards in Salisbury (Harare) Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) from 12(?) to 18 years old, he then qualified as a telecommunications technician with the PTC (Rhodesias Poste and Telecom Corporation).
He worked for the PTC as aprentice and then put up telephone lines and the posts along a few dusty and deserted roads in the then Southern-Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
I will try get down all the fantastic stories that I know about my father and my mother…
I'm sure that a short bit of history from everyone could make this, perhaps, a precious resource of the family.

My Great-great-great-grandparents

Jones, b: …, …,(?)

Married :
?, b: ??. (?)

My Great-great-grandparents

Children :
, b: .

Married :

Children :

My great-grandparents

Jones, b: .

, b: ??(?) , .

My grandparents

Children :
1. Jones, b: ??? (?)(English)(?)
Herculina Johanna (Pittaway) Jones, nee Coetzer, b: 27/6/1896 at Cashal near Melsetter, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). (Married 1st: Rueben Joseph Pittaway), (cf. Pittaway Branch)

— Divorced.

My parents

Herculina Johanna (Pittaway) Jones, nee Coetzer, (my grandmother)
1. Ruben Pittaway, b: 19…, …, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

2. Edith Elizabeth Beattie, nee Coetzer (father R.J. Pittaway) b: 19-7-1923
(?) in Salisbury (Harare), changed name to Jones on 27/5/42. Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Died in Harare, Zimbabwe, ………19(?). Married - David Smith Beattie (my uncle) (cf. Beattie Branch), b: 20-7-1917 (?), Brechin, Scotland.

Arthur Henry Jones (nee Pittaway)(my father), b: 1930?, birth registration entry No. 304/31 shows father as Ruben Joseph Pittaway, b:(?). (recorded for records search). Surname was changed to Jones on the 27-5-1942 after his mother remarried Jones. Died 30-07-1992, Mottingham, London, UK.

Margaret Smithson, (cf. Smithson Branch), b: ……………in Durham, England.

1. Stephen Jones, b: …………1964, …, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
— Married: Sharon …………, b: ……1966. Has children. Courtney Megan Jones, b: ……

2. Rodney Jones, b: 14-04-1966, …, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
— Children:
1. Daughter, Rossanna
(?) .
2. Daughter, Leonie (?)

3. Jeremey Jones, b: …………1968, …, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). Has no children.

4. Dennis Jones,
(That's me ;-) b: 11-03-1969, Kariba, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
— Union: Marie-Pierre Leroux, b: 5-7-1959, Chartres, France, Has children. Emma Stéphanie Jones, b: 24-9-1988, Camden, London, UK.

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