Updated: 19/5/2007

This is the part of my site where I share with you my thoughts,
my centres of interest and all sorts of other stuff that goes though my mind…

It's been a long time since I caught up with this site, more than a year has gone by !
I had hoped that working for myself would not be so demanding ;-)
Since last year I find little time for myself and when I do I don't touch computers,
so this site has been neglected…

However the base is still here and seeing that I still have visits (other than bots)
it will stay open and I'll try keep at it even if it's once a year.

Feel free to share your réactions with me
and make sure you keep your life as "SansStress" as you can.

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Go on! Join the action and manifest you desires.
One of my passions is "Water"… anything to do with water: sailing, swimming (when it's warm enough),
fishing, wave watching, etc. So to make sure my kids kids have some left in a hundred years
please help with at least a couple of clicks to these pages and be reactive!
Green Peace Ocean Defenders (english+french)
All languages

Some interesting creations I've seen in the past few months on the net… I love "creation"


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