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Don't forget that french is not that hard to understand and it's a beautiful language… (excuse my errors)
N'oublier pas que l'anglais n'est pas si difficile à comprendre et c'est une belle langue… (pardonner mes fautes)

Rodney Jones
my brother, who has always done quite amazing things,
whether it be snake collecting in Zimbabwe and becoming a "fundi" in the snake community…
to getting me to help in snake hunts when the snakes where almost twice my size (don't believe it!) or growing
the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen…


Keep up the beautiful work "boet".
Patrice Loubon
a friend of mine who I met in Arles, he attended the same Photography School as my ex.
Patrice is a fine photographer and does some very interesting work.
Was co-founder of the Community Centre "RAKAN" in Nimes - France. (now closed)
Founder of
NEGPOS and the Maison de la Photographie in Nimes
You can see some of his work
here too.
He participated in La Havane in Cuba in the "new off" of the
9th Bienale of Contemporary Art that was held 26th of April 2006.
He is based in Nîmes, France.

Daniella Loubon (nee Monticinos)
is from Santiago de Chile in south america and is an artist who has her works in various
exhibitions in Chile and France and even in an exibition that represents Chillian artists
that is touring the world. Perhaps you will have the occasion to see the exhibition.
You can see some of Daniella's work here (
is a friend of mine who started
Samira films
in order to present his works and discover the creations of others.
You can see a short film of his at this link:

Jambon-Beur  Court-métrage
Réalisé par
Mohamed Boualam - présenté par Samira films

is a friend of mine who should soon be moving to the south of France.
Sylvie sings in the group
Yellow Days. You can listen to a few song here :

Angel Eyes
05 Angel Eyes

02 Yesterdays

Whisper Not
01 Whisper Not

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